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All of our programs are designed to reset the body’s metabolic clock which will boost metabolism to its healthy level, so not only will you lose the weight… but you will keep it off! Getting to a healthy weight doesn’t just mean better health, it means a better life. In order to achieve your goals, and maintain your progress, it takes support and encouragement. At Binz Weight Loss Center you will find highly skilled, certified and specially trained nutritional counselors. We offer a complete array of services that are specifically customized for each of our patients. Some programs include:

  • Diet modification and exercise
  • Supervised meal replacement
  • HCG injections
  • Lipotropic shots
  • Nutritional Counseling

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Only a qualified medical professional can decide if a prescription weight loss program is right for you. Call Binz Weight Loss Center at 713-600-8292 today, to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Who We Are

Binz Weight Loss Programs in Houston,  Texas

The Binz Weight Loss Center is unique due to specific integrated programs designed to help people along every step of their weight loss journey. By becoming a member of the Binz Weight Loss Center family, you will now have access to a dedicated team of skilled professionals and caring support staff.

Binz Weight Loss Center has a full time Nutritionist on staff. The Nutritionist advises on matters of food and nutrition impacts on health. All Weight Loss Programs are supervised by a renowned Houston Physician. We are in the heart of the downtown medical center located at 1200 Binz in the Park Plaza Medical Tower.

Binz Weight Loss Center Programs

Weight Loss Food
  • The Adipex Plan. This plan includes a 30 day prescription of Adipex, a portion control meal plan and a precise exercise regimen along with weekly visits and a monthly metabolic follow-up.

  • The Fit and Fabulous Plan. This plan is targeted to reduce certain health issues such as: Diabetes, LDL Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure. Persons who choose this option will get a customized eating plan designed to help implement healthy eating habits in order to reduce dependency on daily medications.

  • The HCG Plan. This plan is ideal for reducing cortisol levels (belly fat), it includes a very strict caloric intake, weekly Lipotropic injections and the HCG hormone, which is found naturally in both men and women. HCG does not take structural fat which is necessary fat around our vital organs, eyes and around muscle tissue. Instead, HCG targets abnormal fat which is found in areas such as the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

Success stories

Best program I ever joined. Lost 70 lbs in 3 months.

- M. Anderson

Weight Loss Recipes

Great tasting recipes and cooking tips.

Oriental Ginger Chicken
Veal Picatta
Italian Wedding Dish
HCG Diet Cooking Tips



  • *Health Wise. Health wise products are designed to give our patients the nutrition they need, but also give them the taste they generally enjoy. With Health wise, you can choose from 170 items, knowing that even the pickiest eater will find plenty to love. We offer a variety of protein supplements, entrees, beverages and protein bars.


    *Vitabase. All ingredients are not created equal. Strict quality control procedures ensure that ingredients are free of unwanted impurities and contaminants. Quality assurance procedures establish that the product is consistent and of high quality. At Binz Weight Loss Center we have the Vitabase Multivitamin, Hair Skin and Nail formula, Starch Neutralizer, Super Fat Burner, Acai Berry, Hoodia-GL, CoQ-10, B-6 and Relora.

    *These Products help maintain heart health, regulate glucose, improve kidney function, reduce stress levels, boosts immune systems and increase energy levels.

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